The historic village of Ajijic is on the north shore of Lake Chapala (Mexico's Largest Lake). It is on a high mountain plateau (5,000 feet above sea level) so unlike other tropical climates we have very low humidity. The size of the lake is responsible for our very stable climate with very  small temperature changes - day time temperature typically are 75 to 85 degrees - earning us a climate called "eternal spring".

Ajijic's population of about 11,000 excludes the hundreds of visitors from Guadalajara (35 miles (56 km) north) who spend weekends and vacations there. Many retired Americans and Canadians now live in Ajijic, about 1,000 full-time and another 700 during the winter months. As a result of these foreign residents and visitors, Ajijic has numerous art studios, galleries and artisan shops, as well as restaurants and boutiques.




The main street Colon begins at Casita Montana and runs down to the lake shore and the Malecon (board walk). The Malecon runs for about 5 blocks and features an amphitheater, skate park, outdoor gym, picnic area, play ground, meditation garden and numerous benches for enjoying our beautiful lake


Near the center of the village is the Lake Chapala Society which features a huge tropical garden setting, located on the former estate of the famous writer, Neil James. The Lake Chapala Society is a non-profit organization chartered under Mexican Law as an Asociacion Civil. They currently have over 3,400 members from over 31 nations. It serves as a focus of expat activities for the nearly 5,000 foreign residents who live around Lake Chapala. Once a sleepy fishing village it was discovered by writers such as D.H. Lawrence as well as artists and musicians in the 1950s and became an expat artist colony. Some of entertainment's famous stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Charles Bronson once came here to escape the hectic pace north of the border. The Ajijic, Lake Chapala community is still a haven for many artists foreign and local who find inspiration being surrounded by the natural beauty of Mexico.

The village plaza is the heart of the village and only 2 blocks from our B&B. You will find art exhibits, music, dancing and fiestas as well as locals and expats just socializing and people watching. As a visitor it is the perfect place to meet new friends. It is especially popular for families on Sunday evenings. We have two Churches around the plaza; the small old Rosario Chapel (built in the 1500's) and our main village church which is dedicated to San Andres (St. Andrew), the patron saint of Ajijic (and dates from 1749 but is still referred to as the "new church" by locals). The cobblestone streets date back to colonial times, and our narrow street hearken to a time before automobiles

Wednesday is market day in Ajijic, and you can find the local Tianguis (street market) complete with everything you might need. In addition to the most beautiful display of fruits and vegetables, you'll find flowers, weavings, artisans, clothes, pots and pans, jewelry, tools, pizza, hand carvings, paintings and just about anything you can imagine.

Ajijic is a wonderful blend of the old and the new; the unusual, the sublime, and the beauty of everyday. Wherever you look there are the colors; flowers, artwork, fabrics, buildings, fruit, and our gorgeous lake and surrounding mountains. Come visit our little corner of paradise and discover why we love it.